Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Art of Manliness

Existe um sitio onde se discute a arte de ser ser homem.
Eu que tenho um fascinio por esses laivos de Clube Secreto que os homens têm, não posso deixar de ir lá espreitar de vez em quando.
E é ai que se podem encontrar coisas como

Os cartões de visita usados no Sec XIX para conhecer senhoras

Um guia visual com dicas sobre gravatas

So yes, it can be hard to believe that something as simple as wearing nice clothing can actively improve your powers of persuasion. But have a little faith in the science and in your own understanding of human nature.
It’s not a magic charm. Just having a good suit isn’t going to make people agree with everything you say. For one thing, there are a lot of other guys out there in good suits already, so you have lots of competition for people’s attention!
But you can create a positive first impression by being neat, by having the attractive outline that well-fitted clothing brings, and by looking just a little more dressed-up than the men around you. That edge might just be enough to tip the scales in your favor and get you the job, the sale, the votes — whatever it is you need from other people.

Por isto e muito mais, o The Art of Manliness é um dos meus sítios favoritos

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