Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Patrick Nagel

OMG os anos 80 no seu melhor!!!

The brilliant career of Patrick Nagel, one of America's most significant contemporary artists, ended in February 1984 with his death at the age of 38, but a rich legacy of paintings, drawings, graphics and sculpture remains. Ever since 1974, when his work first achieved prominence in Playboy magazine, the art of Patrick Nagel has been widely admired, exhibited and collected. With over 80 thousand people owning at least one Nagel's limited-edition works, his best-selling lithographs are graphic touchstone of an era. Nagel's use of silhouette, bold line, and unusual angles of vision recalls the Japanese woodblock print. His process was one of simplification, a stripping away in order to achieve a stronger impact with fewer elements. His images are formal yet decorative. His women are the quintessential women of the 80's. A so-called popular artist, he became a creator of fine art.

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  1. The first ever biography of Patrick Nagel, is complete. Being he was so successful in 1980s, the boomers in your audience will want to know. Here's why:

    Most of them either owned, or still own his art, especially if they were fans of Playboy magazine. They know his art; they just don't know his name.

    Patrick Nagel took the 1980s by storm only to die suddenly at age 38. He gave the 1980s its look and even though more than two million American homes enjoyed his art, few people even knew his name.

    The book is titled The Artist Who Loved Women: The Incredible Life & Work of Patrick Nagel, the Most Successful & Anonymous Artist of the 1980s , (ISBN 9786926859281) and is the only biography of Nagel's personal, professional and artistic evolution. Available at Amazon or


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