Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Já tinha falado sobre eles aqui mas eles não param de fazer coisas boas, por isso vou voltar ao tema.

A marca portuguesa de tapetes com mmmmuuuita pinta, tem andando on fire.

Ora vejam:

GUR Joao Drumond
GUR Marta Monteiro
GUR Tim Furey
GUR Lord Mantraste
GUR David Mendez Alonso
Working in partnership with the artisan weaver of rugs, GUR invites artists to express themselves on this support with a ver...y specific technique using the same materials with the authenticity of a traditional kitchen rug but now much more fun. GUR can be the first place where you put your feet in the morning, a picnic friend or a frame in your living room. Hopefully the collection will keep on growing with new collaborations, keep on checking then!

All the GUR are handmade, held in a traditional handloom, with cotton raw tirela (rag), embossed technique or over layers of colours, finishing with basic sewing.

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