Thursday, 24 March 2016


O exagero dos anos 80 falam-me ao coração.

Marc Hispard for Elle magazine, September 1987. Clothing by Kenzo. So chic!:
Bill King for American Vogue, June 1984. Clothing by Claude Montana.:
Speaking of bangs, there was the time her bangs and shoulder pads competed to see which one could be the biggest.
Denis Piel for American Vogue, January 1986. Clothing by Emanuel Ungaro. BillyBoy* jewels:
A few Swatch best sellers from the 1980s: “Ruffled Feathers,” “Tonga, “St. Catherine Point,” and “Coral Gables.” From Swiss Made: The Untold Story of Switzerland’s Success, courtesy of Profile Books:
Abstract silk scarf by Donald Hamilton Fraser, 1980s.:
Blocks Sweatshirt by lazy oaf. Need!: 

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