Monday, 16 June 2014

Vintage National Geografic

Knitters gather for the post-siesta hour in Trieste, Italy
National Geographic | June 1956 

Sunset view of Mount McKinley in Alaska
National Geographic | June 1956 

Little Flint introduces himself, but Mother Flo keeps a protective hold around his waist. Jane Goodall extends the back of her hand, fingers turned away, telling Flo that she intends no harm
National Geographic | December 1965 

A village girl near Chiringa, Bangladesh carries a smaller child while her mother cooks and sews
National Geographic | September 1972 

A youngster plunges into a hideaway swimming hole in the icy North Fork, Alaska
National Geographic | September 1972 

Maori grandmother and granddaughter near Reporua, New Zealand
National Geographic | October 1984 

Idyllic stretch of childhood gives rural Maori youngsters in New Zealand freedom to roam with their friends and pets
National Geographic | October 1984 

Ghoulish mud man from the Asaro River Valley, New Guinea, dons a helmet of dried clay and smears mud over his body to portray an evil spirit
National Geographic | July 1969 

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