Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Meias e mocassins

Todos os anos falo disto, todos os anos tenho grandes dificuldades em aplicar. Há coisas que só ficam bem no pinterest e nas outras pessoas...

Simple Style Notebook: Style Advice: Skirts
streetetiquette: London Fashion Week - Joshua’s tassel wingtips (Source: streetetiquette)
white tee, grey sweater, black pants, grey socks, black oxfords
Francoise Hardy | Architect's Fashion
All of our For Life Shoes come with our lifetime guarantee. We will repair or replace them for life. For Life 1461 shoes are unisex, offered in a range to include Men’s & Women’s sizes. For Life 1461 Shoes are constructed with Smooth Hard Life Leather and has our classic heel-loop. This leather is not only soft and supple, but also very durable with a matte finish. With the oil and wax deeply embedded in the leather, plus a little care and attention from you, the leather will look good for y...
What every single girl at UChi looks like - that's not trying to bring back the 90's with pink hair and Doc's.
magrela, meias carefully dissarrenged, abaixada, sapatos amarrados e meio "velhos" calça jeans displicentemente dobrada e canela aparecendo. Sabe tudo!
Carré Otis in the 90's.

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