Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Boinas, outra vez

O ano passado já tinha falado sobre elas num post, mas continuo a vê-las por todo o lado, por isso volto a falar do assunto.

Play it cool #pixiemarket <
Matildadjerf Blogg
I don't discriminate when it comes to hats. I pretty much own or have tried on every silhouette imaginable - with one exception: the beret. Even the Francophile in me just assumed the cliché French chapeaux would certainly be most unfavorable to my large tête and round face. But thanks
So what if you're not French? This Le Beret Francais mode beret is the perfect wool beret with a satin lining. Throw it on to make any of your cold weather outfits that much better. Made from 100% wool, satin lining.
APC Coat, Vince Turtleneck, J.Crew Jeans, Max Mara Scarf, Gucci Loafers, Mark Cross Bag, Beret

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