Thursday, 10 August 2017

100 days of hair

Maggie Cole
93/100 of #100daysofhair 
I'm already done with summer.
86/100 of #100daysofhair 
78/100 of #100daysofhair 
Had several requests for a bald babe today ✨
76/100 of #100daysofhair 
Ombré pony
73/100 of #100daysofhair 
If you're having a bad hair day, just throw on a baseball cap and pretend to know sports. Problem solved! ⚾️😎
70/100 of #100daysofhair "I carried a watermelon." All I could think of when digging for the perfect watermelon at the grocery store today was Dirty Dancing 💁🍉
(quem viveu os anos 80 fullpower, reconhece aqui um grande momento cinematográfico)

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