Friday, 16 December 2016

color tinted sunglasses lens

Lightly tinted sunglasses: | 15 Things From The '70s That Never Should Have Died:
Retro Hippie Fashion Metal Lennon Round Sunglasses Color Lens 8594:
Model wearing blue tinted sunglasses and a white hat by Yves Saint Laurent, 1972:
Bella Thorne out in LA wearing a Power Rangers T-shirt and cut-off denim shorts, plus pink sunglasses and a washed blue denim jacket.:
On trend: tinted sunglasses    Oversized blue lenses complement the dapper feel of this stylish civilian’s tailored trousers and monk-strap shoes.:
Camille Rowe x Jason Lee Parry wearing Stoned Immaculate Vintage:
LENNI Mountain jumpsuit - via
Explore Suddenly Seventies, Racked's 70s Inspired Fashion Editorial: (
Aaron Feaver photographs Cora Keegan in Stoned Immaculate Vintage's latest, retro 70's inspired fashion lookbook "Last Daze of Disco.":
Seeing these lightly tinted glasses everywhere...  - For more styling tips and inspiration check out my website
2016 S/S issue ; GENTLE MONSTER Editorial - Green Tinted…:
Warhol superstar Jane Forth. Jane currently lives near Woodstock, NY. and remains friends with her L'Amour co-star Donna Jordan. Jane and Eric Emerson's son - Emerson Forth - runs a tattoo parlor in Florida. #Warhol:

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