Thursday, 29 September 2016

Naked Faces

Fotografias da cara das pessoas quando estão vestidas vs quando estão nuas.
Adoro estas coisas!!

The impetus for this project stemmed from a question I've thought about for years. In short – What level of nonverbal facial expressions do we show without being conscious of them? I set out to prove the notion that people show more on their face than they are aware.

This project is the pursuit of answers to these questions. In January 2016 I put out a call for people willing to be photographed naked, with the assurance that no nudity would be captured or released. Two photos were shot - one clothed, one nude. The purpose of this was to demonstrate the differing facial expressions between clothed and not, to physically capture evidence of the impact that something as simple as being naked can have on subtle facial expressions.

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